MTR Resources - Analyze, Optimize & Market Your Midterm Rental

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You'll find tremendous amounts of value in this Resource Library because it enables you to:

  • Analyze Your Potential so you can Predict Your Profitability
  • Optimize Your Business so you can Get the Maximum Profit for Your Efforts
  • Market Your MTR in NEW and IMPROVED ways so you can Avoid Vacancies

Want the benefit of 10 years of experience operating a portfolio of midterm rentals?

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Last updated Mar 17, 2024

Here are the Analytical, Optimizing and Marketing tools you need to get the profits you want.

Anaylitical Tools from Extended Stays for Landlords Coaching and Training Program
$997 Value
Optimizing Tools gained from 10-Years of facilitating Monthly Meetings with MTR Operators
$1,297 Value
Marketing Tools from Marketing School for Extended Stays Training Program
$597 Value
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$29 a month

MTR Resources - Analyze, Optimize & Market Your Midterm Rental